Monday, 6 May 2019

Black Agate

Black Agate attracts good fortune by providing inner strength for you to move on. Helps in your daily task, it increases concentration and clarity to keep you steady when facing problems & stress. Eliminates fears, bad luck, negative energies and jinxes. You will be protected from attacks of any negative forms on your mind and body.
Black agate is a powerful motivator, it helps in self-motivation by igniting your inner fire helps you to stand on your ground. Black Agate helps to prevent negativity. Whenever you are feeling low and kind of lost your directions, Black Agate will infuse you with joy, happiness & optimism to help you with life.
It resolves dispute with intelligence, help in getting conflicts with others and by others to you. Black Agate calming effect will keep you cool during and argument, encourage you to solve any conflicts or argumentation with grace and intelligence.


~The stone for inependence
~Face problems with courage
~Increases luck flow
~Attracts good fortune
~Increases willpower
~Transforms bad to good
~Flow of positive energy
~Heals bone & joins problem

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